testing & psychodiagnostics

Kaleidoscope (original title: Caleidoscopio: A28, 2001; A29, 2001) is a measure of «visualization». Its peculiar structure and preliminary validity data have been the object of a communication to an international conference (European Society for Cognitive Psychology, 1995: D4).
A Visualization test may be useful both as a part of a multi-attitude guidance battery, and for personnel selection, when jobs depend on visualization competence, and on spatial reasoning.
Kaleidoscope Form 7, administered to a small sample (N = 95) of Italian students (8th grade), showed significant differences (p < 0,01) related to educational and socio-cultural differences. Further research is ongoing.

Two Perception Tests, P and Q

A Perception Speed test, P, using symbolic contents, and a Clerical Perception Speed test, Q, using numbers as visual stimuli, have been created and validated inside a cognitive battery meant for school guidance (A25, 2001; A26, 2001). They may be used for personnel selection, mainly for executive jobs where precision and speed are a priority.

Reliability values, on a sample of 488 Italian students, aged 17 to 19. are alfa = 0,99 for P and alfa = 0,94 for Q.

Correlation with other tests
P and Q scores correlate r = 0,47 (p < 0.01) between each other. P and Q scores have also been correlated with scores from other cognitive tests in the guidance "battery" used by L. Boncori. The highest value (r = 0,29, p < 0.01) is between P and the S subtest of L-S (a reduced form of Kaleidoscope, a visualization test). These results fit to the international literature data about positive but moderate correlation between perceptual speed and spatial reasoning. Correlation of both P and Q to the verbal intelligence test Otis Quick-scoring Gamma is r = 0,24, and correlation of Q to the S subtest of L-S is r = 0,22.
As correlations with the other cognitive test in the battery are significant, but low (from 5% to 8% of variance in common), we can say that P and Q add new and independent information to the other tests in the battery.